Back A Buddy

Back a Buddy was initiated by the marketing team to raise R40 000 for the sole purpose of supplying bread to the hubs, which was the most sustainable food at the time.

Clothing Drive

After identifying the need for clothing in our HUB areas, the marketing team worked on the advertisement for the clothing drives. Clothing drives proved to be very successful.

Food Parcel Drive

Twice a year we have a food parcel drive, which is distributed in the month of Ramadaan and the festive seasons.

Sandwich Drive

The sandwich drive started out at the Elsies River Day Hospital at the end of 2020, providing waiting patients something to eat while waiting long hours for their appointments. By March we had to stop due to Covid lockdown, but started distributing to our hubs by October 2020.

School Stationary Drive

Education is a right to every child, however without resources it can be hard to achieve. The marketing team sent out donation request for the basic needs to get a child started at school.

Toy & Party Packet Drive

"A child's smile and happiness is worth more than all the money in the world."

High Tea

The Events Team coordinated a high tea as part of fund raising events which was hosted on 28th February 2020. Funds have been utilised towards food distribution for the needy. It was well attended and a very successful event.

Pot of Food

Food has always been the main component in our organisation. Food menus are well planned by the feeding team. Only quality ingredients are used to ensure it provides nourishment and sustenance. Prior to Covid, food was cooked and prepared in the underprivileged communities. However, since 2021 our team have been engaged at the head office, cooking up a storm...

Ramadaan Drive

Food Parcels that is filled with essentials which is distributed to disadvantaged communities.

Clothe A Child For Eid Campaign

CAHF initiated this campaign to provide orphans & less fortunate children in underprivileged communities with new clothing for the day of Eid.

CAHF Madrassah

The Madrassah was established early 2021. There is a dire need for Islamic education amongst the youth in Macassar.
The Madrassah is run by two of our
CAHF Ambassadors, Adnaan Jacobs
and his wife Nadeema.

Stay Tuned!

New Project coming soon.