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Welcome to
Connect a Heart Foundation

We are a non-denominational organisation serving the needs of everyone, regardless of race, sex, religion and culture; we serve humanity.

Our intention is to:


Develop sustainable feeding initiatives in disadvantaged communities.


To develop unemployed youth to realise that their skills have potential which through training initiatives can make them self-sustaining entrepreneurs


Refocusing out of school youth to regain their self-confidence and dignity by, leading them to continuing their studies through TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) colleges

Our Appeal


  • Feed poor, disadvantaged, marginalised and disempowered communities.
  • Develop out of school youth to regain their focus, build their confidence and to redirect them to further education and training opportunities.
  • Share your knowledge and skills to elevate our communities
  • Connect your Heart to Ours to reconnect Our Hearts to Humanity.


The vision of the organisation is premised on the need to develop sustainable programs that serve to empower needy and impoverished communities.

The overarching mission of this organisation is to alleviate hunger and poverty, formulate action, thereby creating and enabling an environment for empowerment.


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