Delft Community Hub

Nureesa Abdulrazaak - Hub Host

Nureesa Abdulrazaak is very passionate in improving the quality of life in Delft. She is well-known in her community. She is a member of the local Mosque’s Thikr Congregation and runs an Islamic school from her home. She loves animals, gardening and uplifting her community. She also ensures that the animals in her area are well taken care of. She is in close contact with the local ward councillor in her area, whereby she assists the people regarding issues with their houses, electricity, water and the distribution of food from her home.

She was a spokesperson for Blikkiesdorp regarding the housing projects and met with housing officials in parliament. She appeared on TV regarding these issues.

She is a Hub Host for Connect A Heart Foundation (CAHF) and oversees the distribution of food in her area.

She is currently busy organising a few workshops, which will be run by City of Cape Town regarding Covid 19 and has recently being elected as a local community leader..

Moehseenudin Parker - Hub Manager

Moehseenudin is an IT professional in the Financial Services Sector. He is also a husband and a father. He joined CAHF in 2018 and is currently the treasurer for CAHF.

Bread Distribution 5/11/2020

Food Distribution 28/4/2019